is a YouTube channel, Instagram Feed, web-service and so much more of a platform where future Billionaires go to become inspired. I like this YouTube channel and podcast a lot and listen to it a lot for ideas, motivation and a philosophy in life that is hard to find in todays world. 

Yesterday presented a video about why the very rich invest in Art but what this video also provides is an insight into how the Fine Art World kind of works. This is why this video stood out so much, if not simply because it is in the avenue of what inspires me in this constant research into how the Fine Art world works. 

But that I am not the only one who is inspired and wants to know as much as possible to create those lasting relationships that is so important to me through Artwork but to also leave something of an impact in this world in a meaningful way. 

This is why I wanted to share this video here too - Because it provides a little bit about the Fine Art world that you might not even know about and who knows what you might even find by exploring further. This is the real reason why I am sharing this video, to spread that inspiration and share that rich philosophy further. 

This is just my own opinion, but one of the greatest resources that we have is not only our time but opportunity is just as important as a resource. This is because once you open your eyes to the possibilities you will realize just how wealthy and rich of a life that we have, but that opportunity is truly all around us to use to better our own lives. 



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