It certainly has been a little while since this webpage has been updated hasn't it? There are a lot of very good reasons for that, which incorporates a full time job, household and a family on top of this small venture, passion and hobby. However this is nothing new in terms of news, there has also been some very exciting things happening this year which is worth mentioning in the next few articles that will be published here in the next little while. 

The very short version is that life has been keeping me quite busy and less time to devote to the paintings and the organization of this little business, this studio and online gallery. At the same time at lot of very exciting things have been happening as well this past year.

Contests, research on grants, new initiatives in marketing and paintings, as well as organizing for a future art showing of my own, heck even my first employee helping me out with this growing studio. It is difficult to put into a single article all of the different things that have been happening in the past couple of months.

The constant struggle has been to find enough time on top of everything else to simply paint and or to devote time to organizing this studio, gallery and business more-so.

There has even been more commissions and personalized works that has been occupying my time more-so which is taking away from the main commitment at this point. Which is to make more paintings and have the main gallery and inventory back up towards its minimum amount.

Therein lies a new announcement , Largely it's the fact that for the past little while I have been struggling to find ideas large enough to feature in the main featured part of the  gallery. An idea came to mind earlier this year, of making smaller collections of 5-6 paintings with the final piece being the centerpiece of each collection which could then be justified and sold at a higher price.

Very short version, expect a lot more collections of smaller paintings.

Additionally this will help me to practice creating paintings in a series of ideas. Practice and incentive to work on the eventual art showing and fundraiser that I have always wanted to organize and showcase.

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