Alright, so October the 12th has come and gone and it was an incredible night full of this thriving energy that could only be compared to a maelstrom of art, fundraising and hors d'oeuvre's. :)

My own painting, the one which has been my centerpiece for the past year since starting this webpage sold for $300 towards the Emerging Artists Studio Program.

It is an incredibly satisfying feeling to be able to contribute something meaningful not only for a star war lovers and an art lovers home but to be able to bring that money back to the community.

It may sound cheesy, maybe even dramatic but it is the truth. Being able to participate in a charitable event for the community truly does mean a lot.

For me, it was a chaotic but really fun event to be a part of and part of me wishes to be part of more events just like this one in the foreseeable future.


"A total of $10,555 was raised for The ARTS Project as well as $8,050 for our Emerging Artists Studio Program. The generosity from Artrageous: tech.0 will help to sustain our mission and make an immediate difference in our upcoming year of programming and arts education. We were also thrilled to announce last night that RBC is funding $28,780 over two years to our Emerging Artists Studio Program." Sandra De Salvo, the Executive Director for the Arts Project was able to review the night and the night and its success.

On top of everything involved with the event, there actually is a little bit of news as well to comment on for my own little corner of the internet and the new art pieces that will be made in the near future.

What was not surprising at all was that the painting that I made was very popular. It was one of the first paintings to go over the $250 mark even though it wasn't the most expensive painting sold that night, each individual who bidded on it had some interest in owning their own variation of the painting.

From this, there is an idea of recreating the painting. It wouldn't be a hard thing to do, and truth be told with Christmas coming up and the newest star wars Movie coming out there will be plenty of inspiration to do so!

Therefore, for anyone who is interested in owning a new painting based off of the old sold during the auction, I am going to invite each and everyone of you to get in touch with me and let me know if you are interested! Because I would be interested in keeping the spirit alive so to speak and creating your own, one of a kind painting inspired off of the famous storm-troopers and my own unique variation of the famous painting of Rene Magritte's Son of Man Painting.

I will provide a link here towards the commission page that I have and I am looking forward to working on your very own, one of a kind painting. :)

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