Alright, so this is something that I have been meaning to write here for a little while. Even though my new year's resolution was to paint and create more paintings, that has been something that I have been finding not a lot of time to do admittedly.

The biggest reason for this is my day job. Overtime has been available since this past October and its something that  I tend to take advantage of when the option is there. In this respect, I may or may not have a certain addiction to my job. Additionally it probably doesn't help that I do tend to love my job quite a bit.

There isn't that much that I can say about my job in a public blog, but I can say that I work in a large marketing company and that I am able to put my education in graphic design to use every day in a very good and effective way.

But at the end of the day, this becomes a question of time. I cannot devote a 50 + working week as well as taking care of a household and rest and my hobbies all in the same vein of time.

That is what painting is to me at the moment, it's a hobby. It's something that I can dedicate some of my free time to and admittedly it is also a great creative outlet.

So in this respect, I try to dedicate as much time as I can to my hobby, but at the end of the day its only a little bit at the end of each and every day on top of other responsibilities like taking care like of a household.

The very short version, I'm busy and often very tired at the end of a work day.

However, there is some  good news in all of this. In the time that I can manage to find to work on paintings, there is a new collection of paintings in progress inspired off of the Son the Republic Painting that I sold during the Art Projects (Now Tap on Creative's) old Tech.0 project.

I am in the process of creating 4 smaller versions of the same painting and two larger paintings inspired off of the same idea - these paintings should be up in the short term.

In terms of other news, I will be preparing a larger collection of paintings so that hopefully I can arrange for my own art showing / fundraiser type showing.

The hope is that this could propel my hobby into a part time position so that I can create and share more artwork with all of you but at the same time dedicate my own time towards something which I do care about.

This is about Charity and this is why I think a fundraiser would be a great place to start. Using the gift of art, to promote the best in everyone involved.

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