This is some big news that I've been meaning to share here for a little while. This past year I have brought on an associate to help out around the studio. This is someone who wants to learn how the painting business works, and who wants to pick up new painting techniques from me.

Most importantly however, this is someone to guide, to nurture and give feedback in terms of how to grow as an artist. The very short version, I am now a mentor.

This is big news for one big reason, more paintings to showcase in the gallery!

It constantly amazes me just how much this studio has been growing every day and every year.  Lets welcome B.F. Karla to the Studio!

B.F. Karla is a graphic designer, artist and aspired novelist. Here at Chris-Arts, she is known as my Art Associate. Her tasks include editing, design consultation, photography and now paintings. She contributes  not only her study pieces (works created under my teachings) but also landscape paintings to the gallery.

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