Economy is often defined as the careful management of one’s resources. Since this humble little webpage started back in 2016 or so, there has been a tremendous amount of growth. However something that I have noticed as time has been going by is that time itself, is a very valuable resource to have. This includes everything that I do devote my time towards whether it's this side hobby, which is starting to turn into a side career. The household, my friends and family or even my career.

At this stage in this side career, truthfully I think it becomes justified knowing that there is more interest for this artwork. That more people have provided testimonials, that artwork has been sold all over the world at this point and is hanging in the offices of many professionals. That I am going to have to change how I manage how I price my artwork in the foreseeable future.

Reassuringly so, this is not because I want to put a sticker of “high culture” on my artwork and hide behind pretentiousness as a motivator for raising my prices. This is a question of practicality. For years I have been following what I call the “Timmies or "Tim Hortons” Method. If I create a lot of product, then I can push a lot of product at a lower price. By this method I am moving more product at a lower price and the low price is a motivator to buy. 

However it is finally coming to a point, where I care a lot about the time being dedicated towards my paintings. That more-so its becoming increasingly harder to keep the bare minimum of inventory that I want to keep in this gallery. I am finding the more time goes by, and more-so because I am one person with only so much time on my hands. I can only create so much product, in such an amount of time.   

It is for this main reason, why in the very near future you guys will be seeing more higher prices on my artwork. In the same respect, I am not a kid or a student anymore. I cannot afford to waste time like how I used to be able to. There has to be a better incentive now for what I can and should be dedicating my time towards.

In a bizarre comparison, this is very much like when I was publishing comics in the University of Western Ontario’s The Gazette and Fanshawe College’s The Interrobang. It was a tremendous amount of fun and enjoyment to able to make comics that not made me laugh and others laugh as well, but that during the  time that I was a student provided me with a nice side income. This sideline also provided a lot of amazing opportunities to grow, to learn, to make new relationships and create my own legacy while at school.

However when  I graduated and finished with school, it was a different story when I got my full time job at the company where I am now. Increasingly, as my time became more finite in the day I had to make a decision as to whether it was relevant to continue making comics while also juggling so many other responsibilities. Is it unfortunate that I had to stop making comic strips?

Yeah it kind of is, because there is still a part of me which wants to continue that legacy. But at the same time, it is worth it for me to continue evolving, changing, growing and to move onto bigger challenges, opportunities and moving forward in a career which is just as fast changing as ever before. 

Therefore, it is for these reasons why I am going to have to start putting higher price tags on my artwork. Especially as my time is becoming more in demand and valuable to not only me but others as well.

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