This is an interesting experience that happened to me very recently that is worth noting. But is also an announcement in its own unique way.  Very recently when I was at the Art Store picking up a few supplies, I bumped into a co-worker there who said that he was interested in learning how to paint.

What happened even previous to this was taking a friend of mine under my wing as a student,  so that I could teach her what I knew about painting. At the same time, I have often toyed with the idea of being an Art Teacher on the side because Art Classes are open to teach at places like Michael's.

The very short version, is that the more that this passion is turning into a viable income and the more that I paint. The more that I am finding equal opportunity to find ways to teach others what I know about the world of painting. Which has seeded a very interesting idea of being a mentor or even as a teacher.

I am not sure if people know the difference between the two, but a teacher is someone who is meant to teach someone for a short period of time. While a mentor is someone who acts more like a very good friend and works with you during the course of your life to provide guidance and insight.

Moreover this is something that I have been thinking about now for a good period of time of how to approach this idea but one that I think I will be serious about implementing in the future. Now as to how I can implement this into the business model that I have with this online gallery, I am still not a hundred percent sure.

However this is something that I am working on and hope to implement into the business model in the future. So in the future, expect a section of this webpage dedicated to simply teaching how to paint.

Now in the same respect I do have a lot of standards that I try to maintain and uphold when it comes to education as a whole, This is something that I wish to maintain even in being a Teacher myself in the future.  

Given some time however to smooth out the details of how I can manage my time I think that in a very meaningful way I can provide some real inspiration into people's lives by teaching them the things that I have learned in the few years that I have been creating pieces of artwork.

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