Exciting news! The Collection of paintings that I have been referencing to since the course of the past year is finally complete.

I am calling this collection of six paintings, the "Sons of the new Republic"

After a grueling amount of time along with plenty of overtime, a household to maintain and very muggy, hot summer this collection of paintings is finally complete. Featuring 4 individual creations of the original Son of the Republic  Painting that I created a year ago for the Artrageous Tech.0 Art Event at the Arts Project, Now the Tap Creative, located at 203 Dundas Street in London Ontario.

You demanded more paintings similar to the first, and you shall receive. Six new paintings inspired off of the same idea in different ways and means. With the entire collection totaling to $750, and available for sale this 2018 labour day weekend I am extremely proud and excited to have completed this collection for you guys.

The showpiece painting deserves to be talked about in more detail actually because it drew influence not only from the Son of Man Painting that the original Son of the Republic Painting drew influence from. However it also drew influence from Edouard Manet's A Bar at the Foies-Bergere Painting.

What I did with this painting originally was to try and recreate the entire painting from the ground up, this was too much of an undertaking so instead I took the corner of the painting. Where man in the tall hat is staring down the waitress, and recreated it using Rene Magritte's Son of Man staring down my recreation of the painting, Son of the Republic.

This was an insanely fun painting to recreate, and now that its complete and ready for sale I am hoping that you guys like it just as much.

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