This year at the downtown Arts Project (an art gallery in downtown London Ontario) 203 Dundas Street is hosting a pretty amazing event called Artrageous! Artrageous is an event that helps London's thriving Art Community where all proceeds goes towards supporting the local arts and emerging artists!


This year, because of the company where I work. I was presented with the opportunity to donate a painting and support the community!

You better believe that I decided to support an event like this! and I am inviting all of you to support the arts as well! Because this painting, the famous one that I created some time ago of the storm trooper inspired by Rene Magritte's Son  of Man Painting that I like to call "Son of the republic" will not only be a center piece for the auction but could also be yours for practically any price!

Tickets for entry are $50 per person and or $90 for a couple. This does cover drinks as well.

Tickets can be bought here

I invite all of you to attend this event if you decide not to buy any painting at all. It would be amazing to meet each of you again and simply have an amazing experience!

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