What I have here is exciting news. Earlier this year a very good friend of mine let me know about this contest being held by the Pinacotheque, which is a private museum located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This contest has been happening consecutively for the past several years, and its grand prize is € 50000.

This contest recognizes  Artists of every skill level, experience, education and background and I thought to myself who not enter it? Why not participate in this contest? This contest brings a tremendous amount of recognition to the Artist and if won propels that Artist to an international level.  For someone like me, who is starting to really have this passion and studio grow every day and every year. I thought that this contest would be a perfect thing to participate in.

Now there is a good chance that I probably will not be picked this year to be one of the finalists. There is normally quite a bit of competition that surrounds these contests. However at the same time, there are not a lot of people who even know about the contest and participate. For a lot of artists it is often a very daunting thing to create a piece which is going to be recognized by a panel of extremely experienced and recognized artists.

For myself and the goals that I have as an Artist and Studio owner, This is a contest that I am going to be taking very seriously. In the years to come, the goal will be to create at least one painting to enter into this contest. This is a good goal to have moving forward and something that not only has me very excited about for this year, but for the Artistic career that I have in mind has me even more excited.

Life is all about two main forces, Force and Resistance. The more pressure that one applies to anything in life, the easier those things come to you. This is only the first time that I am entering this contest, but with enough time and pressure who knows what is possible moving forward? Therefore, I am excited for the prospect of what the future might hold.

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