Hello Everyone! and welcome to the new Chris-Arts.com The facelift that my hobbyist's webpage desperately needed is finally complete and now transactions and updating my web presence will be made a lot more easier from this point on.

This blog will be meant for a couple of new purposes, first and foremost. Anything new that I am working on in terms of paintings will be posted here. Anything new added to the storefront will be showcased here first.

Secondly, Any major announcements like showings, festivals or other art related events that I will either attend and be a part of will be announced here too.

Finally, sneak peaks and previews for the newsletter / magazine for those who will subscribe to it will be announced here too. It's actually kind of funny how that worked out, because originally I was working on a newsletter to send to my past patrons before Christmas but the letter had over 30 paintings on it that I had to turn it into a small magazine.

Now the magazine is a big project because I will be able to showcase any feature paintings, provide subscriber benefits (discounts, inside scoop info, etc.) I am hoping that this project too will get off the ground with some major buzz too.

Now in terms of where else Chris-Arts will be found online, I do plan to keep my etsy page up and running for those who are still attached to the community there.


Chris-Arts will still keep a presence on facebook


We will still on twitter


You can still find us on Tumblr


We will still have a presence on Pinterest


And then of course the newest and probably most active social media presence, on Instagram


That should be it for now in terms of keeping things up to date. Of course you will want to bookmark this page and keep an eye on what's new because I will be using this blogging platform to its fullest potential.

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