This is something that I cannot help but notice as a consumer, a connoisseur and appreciator of the arts. Why is the majority of artwork in offices, buildings, homes terrible prints? I think you might know what I am talking about, those pieces of artwork that you can find at places like Winners, Walmart and Homesense.

These pieces of artwork just come off as cheap, inauthentic and you can tell that they are too. Usually they are held together with glue, staples and particle board. The canvas too, isn’t really canvas, it looks and even shines like an artificial plastic. I’m not even sure how, I hardly consider myself an expert at anything. But it doesn’t take that much of a trained eye, to know that these pieces of artwork seem to be made as cheaply as possible so that these mass marketing giants can make more money off of the need to decorate your office, home, study or dorm room. 

This is something that I have heard time and time again when some people speak to me about the purchasing of the artwork that I create. That it isn’t that cheap and mass produced artwork. That the artwork that I have been producing and selling is unique, stylistic, one of a kind, creative and speaks to a wide professional audience more-so then the artwork that is provided in a lot of these retailers.

No question, this is a very nice compliment to the time and effort that I have been putting into a hobby that is now turning into a side career. But at the same time kind of tells me the Market that is growing because of this growing dissatisfaction. 

The funnier thing is that largely I am a self taught artist. My education, training and career is in Graphic Design of all things. I did take a few courses at the University of Western Ontario in the fine arts, but I never actually finished a university degree.

Even though there are days where I would love to go back and do that. Especially a Bachelor of Fine Art

The point is despite the things that I do not know about the fine art world. This is something that I cannot help but observe in terms of this niche but growing market. 
Truth be told, at the end of the day I am just happy that so many love my artwork and that people continue to look, to search and to buy. Truthfully I feel privileged that my hobby has continued to grow and that I have met so many amazing people because of it. 

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