Maybe I should start a collection of Artwork inspired off of food. To put myself in the shoes of the small business owner, the Manager of a Restaurant, a cafe, a hotel and to ask the question. What type of artwork would I want to hang on the walls of my business to not only promote the local artists but bring a little bit of very unique culture into my business?

In this frame of mind, especially after finally finishing this painting inspired off of an amazing image that I found online. I am thinking more so of the future to come and the paintings that I was hoping to create in the next little while.  So yes, there might very well be a small collection of paintings inspired off of food that I might very well incorporate and include in the near future.

Its amazing what you can be inspired by and what you can inspired to paint based off of what you see in the world around you. In this case, Food photography and design. After seeing this image online and wanting to recreate it, I cannot help but look at the word in a slightly different way now considering how much artwork, photography and design is out for us to see.

 Truly now, pay attention the next time you walk in a restaurant, a cafe or even when you are browsing the bookstore. Take a closer look at the Recipe Book Section, it's a little mind blowing just how much is out there to be inspired by.

For the moment, the only painting that I have created so far is this blue cup painting. I am hoping that now I have more off of my plate Art wise that I will have more time to dedicate to smaller pieces of artwork.

More-so I am also trying more-so to put myself in the shoes of those who like to purchase my artwork. The Family member who is looking to bring their kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or study to life. The Professional who is looking to bring a little bit more culture to their office and workplace. And now, perhaps the small business owners who would be looking to bring their business to life as well.

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