Why are events like this so much fun? These corporate functions / get-together's which our social committee's organize so that 20 - 30 odd people can gather and come together to paint a particular scene?



Well, Local Artist Jesse Robertson has always been a wonderful host and person to organize these events and every time there is an element in the evening which is always inspiring. Actually, Jesse Robertson herself is a very inspiring person!

Especially after reading a little bit about her life and her advertises and how she used Art as a means to improve not only the quality of her own life and struggles but also for those around her as well.

I won't lie, I find people who help others to be incredibly inspiring people. So to all of those who sacrifice their time, their lives just to make the live of others around you all the more worth living for. Thank you. :)

And right! The painting night itself! As always, it was a tremendous amount of fun! I loved spending my time with my friends and co-workers so that we can do something a little bit more lighthearted and creative.

The subject matter too, wine on the beach seemed strangely appropriate considering the weird weather we have been having in Ontario this past week. :p

Seemed a lot more like Winter then like mid-spring.



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