I have participated in Movember once before while I was still at University and at the time we weren't too serious about making money for the charity. The various editors and contributors to the Gazette were only interested in growing their facial hair, saying that they participated in something fun and ultimately wanted to write something that spoke to a lot of people on campus.

Fast forward several years later and I have started working at a new company. Slowly but surely, becoming integrated along with the corporate culture and creating a foothold in the career that I first went to school for. I would be lying if I said that I didn't like my current job, the people that I work with or the company as a whole.

So when November came around this year, Oh, I'm sorry, Movember. I decided to participate and do something unique, I decided that I wanted to create a painting slowly during the course of the month while also growing the mustache / beard.

As the painting progresses along slowly, I was planning on showing its progression on the Movember page that I set up. I would invite anyone that is interested in seeing the paintings progression to keep an eye on the page.

By the end of the month, something that I would love to do is sell the painting so that the money made can go towards the charity as well. So its not just my facial hair, co-workers and hair that is raising money for the company team.  But that along the way, the progression of the painting and the final price on that painting can also go towards a good and charitable cause.

So please keep an eye on the Movember page as the painting is being made slowly. Please donate if you can and of course please consider buying the painting if nothing more than for a good cause.



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