Ok, this is how the story goes. I am sitting in the tutorial of my physics class at university, I am quickly trying to access all of the information being told by a number of sources around me, namely my TA. and he is basically explaining how to break apart each element of the famous E=MC^2 equation and when it all comes together, its not only one of those ah ha moments.

But its one of those moments where everything simply clicks, your brain catches up with you. Quite simply, you reach a new level of understanding.

This is what science has become for me, that pursuit of knowledge whether in school or not are just those unbelievable moments when new insight brightens a relatively already bright mind. You simply glow.

So its no surprise that science inspires me and the fact that it inspires my artwork on a very personal level. Thus it should also come to no surprise why artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Rembrandt should inspire me too. Things that are ultimately profound, inspiring and beautiful to my mind brings my own understanding and technique to a new transcended level.

So when it comes to artwork, I almost like to look at it in the same way as physics. You need to start at the bottom, understand what you are working with fundementally and by the time that you are finished, one will reach unbelievable heights.

So in my own perspective, its not only about a lot of practice but a fair amount of understanding, technique and insight plays a tremendously huge factor as well.

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