In the later part of last year, I couldn't but help but daydream a little bit about this business. Hey, I call it daydreaming but at the same time it's about making goals for the following year and future yet to come.

In particular one of the things that I couldn't help but think about was creating a small pamphlet, a coupon booklet specifically. Something so that when people purchase a painting, they will find a small series of things that I normally include with every painting sold.

The Business Card, thank you letter and the letter of certification are things that are included with every painting that is sold. In the same vein of thought however, I couldn't help but think that the best way to let this community of buyers grow, should come from the same community.

Basically utilizing the voice that the artwork already has, but from the artwork itself that has already been bought and showcased.

Thus the idea of creating this coupon booklet was born. A small series of incentives to help this community of art lovers grow even more. The hesitation however is the fact that this would be about money, it isn't. This is about seeing the love of this artwork grow even more and this community flourish.  

Thus these ideas are about saving more money, and watching this community grow even more-so then it has been in the past. These deals will be open to not only new customers, but existing customers as well.

Even though it has been a little while since a newsletter has been released, largely because for a little while there has been nothing to report on. These incentives, these marketing ideas will exist there first.

The ideas that I am aiming to implement in this Marketing idea are ...

  •  a percentage off of new paintings that are bought by the same owner and the percentage increases with each new painting bought. Essentially an incentive for existing and returning customers.
  • a percentage off of future paintings for answering survey questions as they relate to popular ideas in subject matter.
  • a solid percentage that can be added on top of itself for testimonials but also for referral.
  • A referral incentive, a solid percentage that can be used only by including the name of someone who has bought a painting and can vouch for you.

At this time, because I am busy with commissions, contest entries and trying to bring the inventory of paintings back up to a normal amount this idea will have to wait. I did start working out the logistics of how these ideas could work closer to the beginning of the year.

Now that some time will be opening up in the future, I hope to return to this project very soon. I am excited not just because people in this community can save money, but because it will be amazing to watch and see this community grow more-so because more people can enjoy original, one of a kind artwork by a local artist.

Soon it won't be just you who can enjoy being in the presence of something original, with color, vibrancy, texture and the life that a painting can have. You can include others too.  

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