My name is Christopher Miszczak, I am a graphic designer, an Illustrator, a public relations communications specialist, and also a traditional painter. Graduating from Fanshawe Colleges Graphic Design Program in 2007, and again in 2021. I have in fact been painting and drawing before I even learned how to walk.

For years, it's always been something that I just did for fun. That is until 2010, when I sold my first painting at a Starbucks Art Showing since then I caught the traditional painting bug and haven't stopped since.

So much of what I am doing is because personally I simply find it fun. I enjoy pushing myself, educating myself, challenging myself and creating the images that inspire something, not just for myself but for others as well.

I have sold paintings across both Canada and the US, including BC, Alberta, Oregon, Texas, Kansas, and New York City. I have even sold paintings across the world, which also includes Australia.

In fact the first painting that I ever created is still hanging in the library of my old high-school at St.Thomas Aquinas in London Ontario Canada.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Picasso, Pollock and Edgar Degas have been a tremendous influence. More and more so, there is something about the human form which inspires me. Not just capturing the technical image of a person, but something of the individuals behavior, personality, intent and intelligence.

Painting in a way has always been paramount in my life and no matter where I go career, education, or even personal life wise I don't think that I will ever truly stop creating influence in people's lives.


Originally, I learned how to paint digitally in one of my graphic design classes and pretty well every painting from that first art showing was done digitally. Since then I wanted to learn how to paint, how to really paint so I started with Acrylics and stayed with it for a while.

Nowadays I am using primarily oils for my work, but every once in a while I will feel the urge to paint something on a smaller scale and return to Acrylics. There is something really alluring about painting in abstract cubism, or what I like to call Jackson Pollock Splatter.

It's wonderful to simply experiment with texture, color, vibrancy, and that sense of refined design. However, I do want to paint people and portraiture more and there is a certain level of detail and fussing that you can really only do with oils. There is a part of me which never really leaves those bigger projects alone.  

Solo Exhibitions

2010 A Starbucks Art Showing, London Ontario

2012 A Second Renaissance; A Starbucks Art Showing, London Ontario

Social Events

2017  (October the 12th)  Artrageous TECH .0, London Ontario