My name is Christopher Miszczak, I am a graphic designer, an Illustrator and a traditional painter. Graduating from Fanshawe Colleges Graphic Design Program in 2007,  I have in fact been painting and drawing before I even learned how to walk. For years, it's always been something that I just did for fun. That is until 2010, when I sold my first painting at a Starbucks Art Showing since then I caught the traditional painting bug and haven't stopped since.

I am inspired by greatness and the pursuit of that greatness, as well as the prospect of just wanting to have fun. I draw a lot of influence from figures like Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Edgar Degas. More and more so, there is something about the human form which inspires me. Not just capturing the technical image of a person, but something of the individuals behavior, personality, intent and intelligence.

Painting in a way has always been paramount in my life and no matter where I go career, education, or even personal life wise I don't think that I will ever truly stop creating influence in people's lives.


Originally, I learned how to paint digitally in one of my graphic design classes and pretty well every painting from that first art showing was done digitally. Since then I wanted to learn how to paint, how to really paint so I started with Acrylics and stayed with it for a while.

Nowadays I am using primarily oils for my work, but every once in a while I will feel the urge to paint something on a smaller scale and return to Acrylics. There is something really alluring about painting in abstract cubism, or what I like to call Jackson Pollock Splatter.

It's wonderful to simply experiment with texture, color, vibrancy, and that sense of refined design. However, I do want to paint people and portraiture more and there is a certain level of detail and fussing that you can really only do with oils. There is a part of me which never really leaves those bigger projects alone.  

Solo Exhibitions

2010 A Starbucks Art Showing, London Ontario

2012 A Second Renaissance; A Starbucks Art Showing, London Ontario

Social Events

2017  (October the 12th)  Artrageous TECH .0, London Ontario